We have discovered oil accumulation in Espírito Santo Basin

We have discovered a new oil accumulation (15° API) in the post-salt layer of the Espírito Santo Basin. It lies within the BM-ES-24 concession, 58 km off the coast of Vitória, capital of Espírito Santo state.

The discovery was made during the drilling of the Grana Padano well, 64 km from the Golfinho Field, at a water depth of 1208 meters. The discovery was confirmed by the gas detector response and profiling data for reservoirs at a depth of 2008 meters. We are the operator (70%) of the consortium exploring the concession, which also includes IBV (30%).

The consortium will continue exploring the block and intends to submit a proposed Assessment Plan to the National Petroleum Agency (ANP) with the aim of delimiting the accumulation discovered and estimating reservoir volumes and productivity.

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