About us

As a reciprocity to society, Videocon Group is committed to fulfilling its obligations of social responsibility, as well as genuine community initiatives. These include, among others, a first-rate academic haven for the high-school education of underprivileged children and a world-classcardio vascular treatment, charitable hospital at Aurangabad, Maharashtra in India, specializing in cancer and heart surgery for the benefit of society's marginalized sections. Videocon organizes regularly Blood Donation Camps at the above charitable hospital. Videocon's deep-rooted commitment to environment conservation translates into process improvements that help recycle CRT glass, curb carbon emissions and other pollutants. Among others, the Group's India glass plant has supported a large-scale initiative like the plantation of over 200,000 teak trees.

Apart from material support, society needs spirit; that vital ingredient that makes the difference between living life and merely existing. Videocon is inspired heavily by the uplifting nature of sports; its power to generate mass passion, where innumerable hearts throb as in unison; its ability to draw people together irrespective of differences in race, religion, gender or faith. Unity of spirit and purpose is ultimately what builds bridges between diverse cultures. This is the core belief of Videocon Group that has operations spread over a cross-cultural milieu worldwide. Videocon supports mass sports for another reason: at the heart of sports is fair play, a virtue that enjoys exalted status among values cherished by Videocon.

The group's sponsorship of cricketing events across the globe underlies its commitment and passion for sports as well as its goal to uplift the spirits of a global audience. Videocon has not forgotten the grassroots either; the Videocon School of Cricket launched in Kolkata under the guidance of former India captain, SauravGanguly, aims to inspire and train budding cricketers in the age group of 10 to 17 years to greater heights.